Hit Me America Episodes

  1. "MARY'S LANDING": A big crowd turned out to help Eli and the boys write a song inspired by their favorite honky tonk and man did they deliver!
  2. "CELEBRATE THE DAY": River Rouen & Joelle Britt aka Aziza & the Cure, take the Hit Me America challenge to write a hit song with their fans.
  3. "MEET ME IN THE NEW JERUSALEM": Michael "The Sheik" O'Hara writes this rockin' Gospel hit with the congregation of St. James Church of Christ.
  4. "CHURCH OF THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE": Nashville Singer/Songwriters Thom Shepherd & Brian Collins take the Hit Me America challenge to write a hit song with a small group of fans at Grits Bar in New Orleans.

Behind the Scenes Clips

  1. Rockin' Dopsie jams with the Who Dat Nation at the Cajun Cannon
  2. John Autin & Lynn Drury work on the lyrics and melody for "Easy Breezy"
  3. Rockin' Dopsie Jr & Lynn Drury work out "Come to My House" before the NOLA Hit Me America artist showcase
  4. Patrick Williams lays down his killer harmonica track for "Hard Times" at Rabadash Studios
  5. The songwriters have only 15 minutes to get it together before they perform live on Bourbon Street in front of a packed house
  6. Eli Seals delivers "Loving You" during a recording session at Studio in the Country as a tribute to his wife Shannon and their family